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Tree & Stump Grinding

There are times it’s necessary to grind a stump.
Once a tree has been removed from a property a stump is left behind.
The stump, along with it’s surface roots, should be removed to eliminate safety and other problems.
This is best done by stump grinding – a process of “chewing up” the stump and root material with a Stump Grinder. This will grind away the stump and surface root.
The area is then left level, clear, clean and tidy.

This is a highly specialised and potentially dangerous process. A skilled and experienced firm with modern and well maintained equipment is needed to properly carry out this work.

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Jacks Trees have a range of stump grinding machines.They operate all over Melbourne and can usually complete a stump grinding job very quickly.

If you would like to know more, or would like to make an appointment for a free on site quote, then please contact Jacks Trees.