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Tree Lopping and Pruning in Melbourne

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Tree Lopping

Overhanging tree branches can threaten the safety of your garden, yard, path or nature strip. Storms, rot or simple bad luck can have a tree branch fall onto buildings, cars or powerlines. Throughout the year, and especially before storm season, tree owners must consider where their branches may land to prevent costly damage befalling their property.

Our tree loppers are trained and insured to remove even the biggest and highest branches. We have the skills, tools and experience to safely perform any tree lopping service in Melbourne and its surrounds. Efficient, professional and always safe, our tree loppers will discuss with you which branches and shoots ought to be removed to protect your infrastructure, cables, property and passers-by. For all your tree lopping needs, or for a free on-site quote, contact Jack’s Trees today.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a must for the health of your plant and the future of your garden. Pruning and shaping (especially young) plants is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your tree grows into a strong, healthy plant, perfectly situated in your garden. Tree pruning encourages and guides new growth. Further, our tree doctors, upon diagnosing a disease, may recommend certain branches be pruned or removed to prevent the disease spreading through the rest of the plant and your garden.

Our tree pruning specialists know how, when, where and why to trim your plants. Whether for ongoing or one-off tree services, our tree pruners are experts in:

  • Shaping new growth to maximise access, light, privacy or design
  • Promoting plant health
  • Encouraging growth away from other plants, infrastructure or cables
  • Removing diseased or unhealthy new growth


Good Garden Care Starts with a Good Garden Plan

For the development of new growth, our arborists are also able to work with you to develop garden plans. Knowing the requirements and future size of new plants is necessary for any good garden care. Poorly planned gardens will have to have trees completely removed when they grow too big, threatening infrastructure and power lines with overhanging branches. Talk to one of our arborists the next time you are having a tree branch removed to develop a garden plan, or ask for some advice on what trees would suit your area. We will offer expert advice based on your garden, climate and taste to make sure the trees you plant today will not have to be removed for years to come.

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Jack’s Trees

Jack’s Trees offer total tree care services in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and surrounds. With over 20 years’ experience in tree services, including tree lopping and pruning, Ringwood’s Jack’s Trees are expert tree service providers.

Our experts have the experience and training to perform all of Melbourne’s tree doctor services, for private yards, golf courses, nature strips, public areas, schools, parks, hotels and more.

Safety underlies everything we do. No matter the size, location or height of the job, our tree loppers will remove your branches in accordance with OH & S for the safest tree branch removal possible. Our tree surgeons are trained and experienced in the safe use of tree lopping tools, including climbing equipment, mulchers, chainsaws and pole saws.

We offer free on-site quotes, tree shaping and planning advice, and same-day services. So for all your tree lopping, tree trimming or tree pruning jobs, contact Jack’s Trees today.