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Jack’s Trees are a tree services company based in Melbourne. Tree services, including trimming, lopping, pruning and root and stump removal, are our speciality. Jack’s Trees are available throughout the greater Melbourne region, with same day services available in Melbourne’s inner and outer suburbs, Mornington Peninsula and greater region. We offer free quotes for all our tree services in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and surrounds, so contact us today!


Our arborists are skilled tree doctors. Ringwood-based, our arborists service the greater Melbourne region. Our arborists can maintain your trees, adhering to Australian standards and council regulations. For public properties, housing developments and private gardens, we can we can provide written reports on tree health and identification.

Tree Removal

Health and safety underlie everything we do. Whether we are lopping branches, trimming hedges or removing roots, Ringwood’s Jack’s Trees are committed to safety. This is never truer than with our tree removals. We have over 20 years’ experience in removing trees. Our tools, techniques and, above all, experience, give us the skills to remove any sized tree from any location, always with safety as our #1. For all tree removals in Ringwood, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and the greater region, contact Jack’s Trees today.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping in Melbourne is a busy job. Every day, countless branches are removed from private properties, public spaces, parks, schools, golf courses, nature strips, pathways, hospitals and more. Tree branches may be lopped (removed) for any number of reasons, the primary three being safety, style, and to protect infrastructure, such as paths, pipes and wires. To discuss tree lopping in Melbourne, or to get a free on-site quote, contact Jack’s Trees today.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning can help shape your tree into the healthiest plant it can be. A well-pruned sapling stands the best chance at growing into a healthy, stable mature plant. Pruning and trimming can promote plant health by removing rot or disease before it has a chance to overcome the plant. Tree pruning can prevent bifurcations and other unhealthy growths from unbalancing, weakening and ultimately destroying the tree. Jack’s Trees are the tree pruning experts in Ringwood. We offer free on-site quotes and same day services throughout the greater Melbourne region, including Mornington Peninsula.

Root and Stump Removal

Tree roots and stumps can create OH&S hazards and may become breeding grounds for tree diseases in your garden. Jack’s Trees are the go-to tree services company for root removals in Melbourne. We use specialised machinery to remove the tree roots and stump. Grinding them up, we then use the mulch created to fill the hole the removed stump has left.

Hedge Maintenance

Hedges are great, green ways to protect your privacy. Overgrown hedges, however, can become unruly and unhealthy. Without regular hedge maintenance, disease and unwanted growth can wreak havoc on your hedge. Trimming and pruning are thus vital for all good hedge care, shaping and maintaining a healthy, healthy hedge. Hire Jack’s Trees to regularly maintain your hedge, your garden and your privacy.

Mulch Sales

But what’s to become of all those lopped branches, hedge trimmings, removed trees and uprooted stumps? We use special tools, such as a stump grinder and a mulcher, to turn all of your removed branches into mulch. Our mulch is a 100% local product, resulting, as it does, from all our tree services in Melbourne. We sell our mulch to residential, public and commercial clients who use to to control weeds, promote drainage, or restore nutrients to their soil. For all your mulch sale needs in Melbourne, contact Jack’s Trees today.