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It may be necessary to remove a tree because of it’s age, condition or impact on your property. This is  a job best left to the professionals at Jacks Trees. They will remove the tree carefully and efficiently, ensuring no damage to the surrounding area or building.

Tree Root & Stump Removal
Once a tree has been removed roots and stumps are left behind. These can be unattractive and hazardous. Jacks Trees has the equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently remove roots and stumps leaving the area safe, clean and tidy.

Hedge Cutting & Trimming
Hedges are often used for decoration and privacy. But hedges can quickly become overgrown and untidy. Professional hedge cutting and trimming can restore the look and health of a hedge. Jacks Trees can look after and manage your hedges.

Tree & Stump Grinding
The stump and surface roots of a tree remain after the tree has been removed. This is unsightly and potentially dangerous. The best way to remove these is with Grinding – a machine is used which will quickly ‘grind’ away the stump and root material. Jacks Trees have grinding equipment and can safely and efficiently grind the stumps and roots.

Tree Pruning
Sometimes trees grow to such an extent that they have started to block too much light, become an obstacle or interfere with cabling. Pruning is needed. Jacks Trees can look after your tree pruning safely and efficiently.

Arborist Services & Reports
Jacks Trees are fully qualified arborists and know how to care for and properly maintain your trees. Sometimes an Arborists Report is needed; Jacks Trees can prepare these.