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Why Would I Need a Tree Removal?

Welcome to Jack’s Trees’ first blog post! Every month, we plan to bring you all the latest tree removal, tree pruning and arborist news from Melbourne, Ringwood, Vermont, Blackburn, and Box Hill. This week, we’re going to talk to you about why you would hire someone to have a tree removed.

Why Would I Have A Tree Removed?


There are almost as many reasons for a tree removal as there are trees. Rather than list them all, we’ve put together our top five. These are the some of the most common reasons clients call us for a tree removal in Melbourne.

1) As they grow larger, trunks and roots may cause damage to pipes, paths and building foundations

If a tree isn’t properly planned when planted, as it grows, its roots may entangle themselves in underground pipes or cables. This can cause expensive electrical and infrastructure damage long-term. Widening trunks and roots may upset, unbalance and even crack concrete. When planting a tree, it’s important to think about how big it will eventually become and with what it might interfere both above ground and below.

2) It’s Obstructing the View

Homeowners often plant trees for the same reason they plant hedges: as natural, healthy ways to increase their privacy. Sometimes, though, this privacy comes at too high a cost. As trees grow, they may block out windows, extinguishing not only the view but also a lot of the natural light. An evergreen tree may provide plenty of privacy in Summer but its shade may block a lot of the much-wanted sunlight in Winter.


3) The Tree is a Safety Risk to People and Property

Larger trees can become a risk if planted too close to a building, shed or driveway. During storms, branches may fall down and damage property. Rather than remove the whole tree, some clients prefer to have the overhanging branches lopped, keeping the majority of the tree intact.


You may have to have branches or trees removed if the branches hang over existing cables, such as power or telephone lines. A falling branch could knock the cable to the ground, where, still live, it could cause fire, injury or death.


Similarly, trees around children’s play areas may pose a safety risk. Gum trees may drop their branches at any time, especially during the warmer months. Children are advised not to play under them and drivers should avoid parking under gum trees to avoid falling branches. Gum trees are large, beautiful native plants but are too dangerous for urban areas, streets or playgrounds. If you are worried about the risk a tree is posing in your kids’ play area, your driveway or your property, contact us today for an onsite inspection.

4) The Tree is too Diseased to Save

Sometimes trees are too diseased or infested to be saved. To prevent the infestation spreading to surrounding plants or property, owners may choose to have the tree removed. If you think you have a tree that is diseased or infested, contact us today. One of our arborists will come to you to address the problem and advise on the best course of action. It may not be too late to save your tree.

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5) The Tree is No Longer Wanted

Extensions, garden makeovers, or simply a change of heart, for whatever the reason, sometimes a tree is just no longer wanted. When this happens, you can call us. We will come and remove the tree from your property safely and timely.


Jack’s Trees has over 20 years of experience in tree removal and arbory. Our tree removalists are efficient, punctual and professional. We service all of Melbourne’s suburbs and can usually have a tree removed the same day. Fully insured and OH&S compliant, Jack’s Trees offers the most professional service at the most competitive price.

Join us next month when we discuss our Top 5 Tree Infestations affecting Melbourne Trees. Until then, if you need a tree removed, would like a quote for a tree removal in Melbourne, or for any arborist related services, contact Jack’s Trees


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